Friday, April 22, 2005


In this economy of selfishness, I find these last written words of Mishima's life pearls of wisdom:

“people attatch too much importance to life…if a human life has an important meaning it is because of some relationship with other human beings. From this springs the principle of honor.

Life rests on this idea.

There are two types of existence in this world: that of animals, who simply obey their instincts, and that of men, who consciously devote their lives to serving something outside themselves…if men merely existed, what a burden it would be.

We suffer because we want life to be different from what it is.
We suffer because we try to make pleasurable what is painful, to make solid what is fluid, to make permanent what is changing.
We suffer because we try to make ourselves into something real and unchanging when our fundamental state of being is unconditionally open and ungraspable – selfless.

By accepting the impermanence and selflessness of our existence , we will stop suffering and realize peace.”

Mishima wrote these words in 1966 moments prior to committing seppuku